Our Core Team


James previously worked as an iOS developer, creating fun and useful apps for Apple products. He has successfully brought those skills to bear when creating web applications and to create the Block of Code apps for our products.

James is a keen runner, often taking part in a race at the weekends. It always helps to counteract the sedentary life of an office worker.


Martyn has worked as a freelance web designer and developer for over ten years. Upon realising that he and James have a complimentary skill set and the same drive to create innovative web applications, he believed it was time to form a company to do just that.

Often seeing the prolific use of paper solutions within companies and how inefficient these can be, Martyn always has an eye on helping companies go paper free.

An avid rugby league fan, Martyn can be found on the terraces cheering Castleford Tigers on during his days off.

Business Development Director

During 2017 it was decided that we would bring someone on board to drive the business forward.

Our Co-Founders have the technical skills and a vision for the company, we just knew that having someone with that core focus would enable us to go that step further.

We've seen a great impact from this appointment, not just in our yearly reports, but also through increased customer engagement.

Clinical Adviser

Block of Code has multiple clients in the healthcare sector, specifically around palliative care.

We knew that this requires key knowledge from someone who has experience in that area. From day one of the company we have liaised with them to ensure we're always delivering a product which is fit for purpose and really adds value to the client.

The Company

The Beginning

Block of Code was founded in 2016 to provide web applications that improve upon our clients processes and ensure that they're focusing on what really matters to them.

Our core goal is to help people go paper free. We have found that, through the use of technology, real gains can be seen by our customers from this approach.

We know that paper isn't broken, therefore shouldn't necessarily be fixed, but it is inefficient at scale and can introduce bottlenecks that stop people focusing on their role. Time saved alone can be enough to see that the purchased product saves you money, rather than being another expense.

The Future

We're always working to improve our existing products alongside our clients. We find that products and requirements evolve over time, so it's best to keep up with them to ensure nothing goes stale.