Job creation and task tracking for business


January 2016


Under Construction


The Jobtracker is an application that was written for an engineering firm to track jobs as they passed through the different departments from start to finish.

Created to be used by management and workers on the shop floor the system allows a simple process of marking a job as complete, with a comment if required.

We're currently in the process of updating it for general use.

Key Features

Coming soon...

Secure, Audited & GDPR Ready

All data is held securely and encrypted within an ISO9001 & ISO27001 datacentre. Active firewalls and two factor authentication in place to protect your data.

All our applications utilise modern cryptographic libraries and have fine grained user permissions to ensure data is only accessible to those who have the right to see it,

Processes available to scrub data from the system when it is no longer required to ensure you meet data protection requirements.

The system tracks changes as they're made to ensure you have an audit trail.