Online Incident Reporting
Incident Reporting Made Simple




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Our Online Incident Reporting (OIR) system is an efficient and easy to use take on the recording and reporting of incidents that impact your organisation.

Easy to use, secure and accessible from nearly any device the system helps to speed up the process of recording, reviewing and reporting on incidents so staff can spend more time on their actual day to day work.

Key Features

Recording Incidents

Quickly and easily record a new incident in the system. The system will validate the information inputted to ensure it is relevant and accurate. Questions adapt to the incident so nothing is left off by mistake.

The system calculates in real time, so you can see how many hours a worker is contracted for and what they are currently assigned to work. No more mental arithmetic!


Customisable and powerful workflow processes enable you to specify what happens to the incident report as it progresses through the system.

Allows for reviewing and grading of incidents or triggering a follow up task once the incident record is complete.

More information can be requested from the user easily.


Alert key users when a incident is recorded and those whose input is required.

Secure, Audited & GDPR Ready

All data is held securely and encrypted within an ISO9001 & ISO27001 datacentre. Active firewalls and two factor authentication in place to protect your data.

All our applications utilise modern cryptographic libraries and have fine grained user permissions to ensure data is only accessible to those who have the right to see it,

Processes available to scrub data from the system when it is no longer required to ensure you meet data protection requirements.

The system tracks changes as they're made to ensure you have an audit trail.